ANRIS BI-PZ0367 DSLR Camera Shoulder Strap


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  • This Shoulder Strap constructed of ballistic nylon for extreme durability, design for outdoor filming work. It can protect your camera when you travel or take photos outdoors. It is suitable for the majority of SLR cameras on the market
  • There is a 1/4 “quick release tripod plate for connecting the device to a device with 1/4” screws
  • Design and layout to fit perfectly over your shoulder. Extra large sponge, comfortable to use. The strap adopts the ergonomic design, and the weight is distributed evenly across the pad
  • A universal sling. Reliable and lightweight. Allows camera hang upside down, slide the strap fast will be split second shot after folding small, less than 30cm; The construction of the shoulder reduces widens the direction of the load
  • The length of the strap can be adjusted conveniently. This strap is suitable for tall man
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Product Condition: New

This shoulder strap is suitable for Digital Camera, SLR, SLR and DSLR cameras.
Ideal for all Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Leica, Panasonic, SLR and SLR cameras with 1/4 inch adapter wire screw.
Perfect for making a compact camera for a DSLR camera. No matter you are pro or beginner, this belt allows you to have the camera always ready to shoot.
Curved low profile design for comfort and durability