Video Light Dimmable 600 LED Panel with 40W On Camera Set Barndoor Lightweight Easy Carrying Camera for DSLR Camera


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  • Large light-emitting area, high-quality LED beads provide higher brightness under the same energy consumption.
  • The color temperature is 5600k and the color rendering index is 87.5%, which is much higher than similar products on the market and can perfectly reproduce the color of the object.
  • When shooting, there will be absolutely no undesirable phenomena such as ripples and stroboscopic. The digital dimming method of the encoder can make the video light accurately and reliably dimming, and the dual color temperature can be adjusted steplessly.
  • The hot shoe adapter can be rotated 90 degrees at will on the front and back.
  • Two options of power supply: dedicated rechargeable battery (Not included) /support external DC power input, which is convenient for you to shoot for a long time.
  • Compatible with almost all SLR camcorders, such as for Panasonic, for JVC, for Nikon, for Pentax, for Olympus, for Samsung, etc. Except for Sony & Minolta (needs a hot shoe adapter).
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Technical Specifications

Brightness adjustment 0-100%
Illumination angle 120°
Output power 40W
Luminous flux >3,600LM
Display index ≥90
Color temperature 5,600k±300k, 3,200k±300k
LED bead 600pcs