Godox Studio 300SDI-D Smart Kit


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  • Optical control, master / slave light adjustment available
  • 0.5 to 2 seconds quick charge time
  • Plug-in flash tube and pilot light, user replaceable
  • LED illuminated instructions for precise control of 1/8 full power output
  • Modeling light adjustable from full power to 1/8 and works the same as conventional studio flashes
  • Umbrella opening on each torch
  • Equipped with circuit protection system, built-in 5A fuse
  • Simple, convenient interface behind the control panel, easy to use design
  • 5A / 8A fuse protects the flash against excessive voltage, a spare fuse is included in the fuse holder
  • An audible alarm notifies you when your flash is fully charged and ready to use
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The Godox Studio 300SDI-D Smart Kit with Three Flash Heads is designed for photographers looking for good quality studio equipment at an affordable price. The Studio Smart Kit is ideal for all portrait, fashion, wedding and advertising photography.

A complete solution including: flash heads, light stands, softbox, umbrella, barge kit with color filter, remote shutter release, sync cord and sturdy carrying case.

Technical Specifications

Flash power 300W
Guide number 58
Color temperature 5600K
Voltage AC220V / 50Hz
Flash control 8 steps
Lamp model 75W adjustable
Recycling time 0.5-2 sec.
Trigger methods Sync cord, test button, slave, flash trigger
Flash duration 1/2000 – 1/800 sec.
Flash head size 230x200x108mm
Flash head weight 1.16kg