5 in 1 Portable Collapsible Light Round Photography Reflector


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  • Use it stand alone or simply zip on whichever surfaces you wish to use to changes the lighting effect as you will
  • You can use it outdoor or in the studio, this professional reflector allows you complete lighting control in a really neat and simple way
  • Comes with a handy storage case so that you can take it anywhere you like
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The product contains golden, silver, white, black and translucent reflectors.
The golden reflector: helpful for creating warm outdoor sunset scenes, or aureole effects, or achieve warm glowing skin tones.
The silver reflector: for contrast and increase highlights.
The white reflector: develops a soft, clean light and it also helps to decompress the flash, produce neutral color temperature.
The black reflector: block out unwanted light.
The translucent reflector: acts as a diffuser between the light source and the subject, which softens the harsh appearance.